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Question: What's the process of purchasing a bed?
Answer:  First, contact us.  We'll discuss with you the best options that fit your needs.  If needed, we'll come to your home to measure your space and consult with you on placement and options.  Once you've decided on a model, a deposit is required for us to begin creating your bed.  Once completed, we schedule a time to deliver and install your bed (Weekends and evenings are options, too.). Full payment is required at that time.  Once installed, we'll give you a short tutorial on the care and use of your bed.

​Question: What forms of payment do you accept?
Answer:  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, verified checks and cashier's checks.

Question: How easy is it to open and close the bed?
Answer: It's very easy to open and close.  The bed is designed to have 95% of the weight handled by the pistons, which give a smooth and continuous opening motion.  The bed does not 'fall' open - it smoothly lowers to the floor.  This means nearly anyone (except a small child) can open and close the bed safely.


Question: How long will it take to receive my bed?Answer: Depending on the design and model of the bed, it could take as little as 3-5 days (for an unfinished model) or 3-6 weeks, for more elaborate designs (additional shelving, upgrades etc...)

Question: Do your beds require a box spring? 
Answer: No. The platform is built into the bed to support the mattress.

Question: Is the mattress included with the Murphy bed?
Answer: No.  Most of our customers already have a mattress or buy their own since the mattress comfort is a very personal choice.


Question: What size mattress can be used with the Murphy bed?
Answer: The bed can accommodate up to a 12" mattress. The weight limits are as follows:

Twin: 30lbs to 50lbs

Full: 50lbs to 65lbs

Queen: 65lbs to 80 lbs

Question: Do Nashville Murphy Beds have a Warranty?
Answer:  Yes. Though these beds are constructed to last decades without any maintenance or repairs, we feature a Warranty on mechanical hardware for 10 years.  The manufacturer of our hardware states that the pistons are designed and rated for 25 years of daily open/close cycles.  If you're not using the bed every day, this extends the life of the pistons substantially.  The workmanship of the bed is covered, but not the wood since it was not manufactured by Nashville Murphy Beds.

Question: What holds the mattress in place when the bed is in the closed position?
Answer: The mattress remains snugly in place due to the side supports of the platform. However, we offer straps and/or a support bar which can hold down the mattress and any bedding you may wish to store on the bed when it's closed.

Question: Can a comforter or pillows be kept on the mattress when it's closed?
Answer: Yes, you can leave sheets and comforters on the bed provided that the combined thickness, including the mattress, does not exceed 12 inches. Tucking everything in will hold them in place just fine. Pillows must be removed before closing. 

Question: What is the cost for delivery?
Answer: One huge benefit to buying from us, is that we deliver, install and assemble your bed at no additional cost (with 25 miles of the Nashville area).  This means NO shipping fees, which from other sellers can be anywhere from $300-$500 dollars.

Question: How long does an installation take? 
Answer: The whole process can take 2-3 hours. If there is extensive additional side shelving, it may take a little longer.

Question: What are the beds made of?
Answer: We use only real wood.  It's a combination of solid wood boards, glue, furniture-grade multi-ply wood, wood laminates, metal screws, pistons, hardware (handles) and a combination of paint, stains and sealants, depending on design. 

Question: What upgrades are available for my bed?
Answer: We offer recessed lighting, attachable LED lighting, connectivity ports, decorative moulding, customized stains and almost anything you can imagine - if it can be done, we're open to hearing your ideas.

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